Some Information about Marettimo

Marettimo is the furthest, most unspoilt, greenest and quietest of the islands in the Egadi Archipelago. Visitors, after almost an hour’s journey by hydrofoil, arrive on the island and, turning their gaze from the sea towards the majestic mountain, have the feeling of finding themselves on a remote Mediterranean island. It is there, however, that they realise they are at Italy’s end.
The inhabitants of Marettimo – mare (sea) and timo (thyme) – are a simple and hospitable people who, at the arrival of every hydrofoil, wait for you on the Scalo Nuovo to welcome you. The fishermen wait to invite you on a boat trip around the island to visit all the grottos along the rocky coast.

The wonderful sensation from the changes in the sea’s reflections; the sound of the waves against the grotto walls; and the tales of the fishermen, will create unforgettable moments for you.
The whitewashed town lies on the eastern coast to receive the first light of the day.

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