Some information about Pantelleria

Pantelleria is an island in the heart of the Mediterranean, and is known as the Black Pearl of the Mediterranean. It is characterised by the extraordinary uniqueness of its landscape, with natural elements such as bays and rock stacks
as well as typical man made creations for living, in particular the rural dammusi buildings constructed from lava stone. These are cubic constructions with semi-circular arch openings and white domed roves that are built in order to collect rain water. The area has volcanic origins. Many secondary volcanic phenomena are present; there are prevalent hot springs and smoke which shows the persistence of volcanic activity.

The land supports the growth of vine varieties particularly adapted to produce wines of a good strength. Well known examples are Moscato and Passito di Pantelleria which are made using the famous and exclusive¬† ¬†grapes which are specially dried in the sun and protected from salt and humidity in “stinnituri” (containers used for the drying process). Among the wonders of the island it is worth noting the clear sea waters and its coast, the grottos and inlets. Without a doubt the Mirror of Venus lake is a place of unexpected beauty.

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